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L.E. proudly trotted into the ring in her first show.  Unfortunately the judge said 'Oh what a beautiful little kelpie'.  To which she enthusiastically threw herself on her back with all four little  legs wiggling in the air with delight.  My fellow competitor looked back at me as he won the baby class stating the best kelpie had won.  I looked down at my son's happy little kelpie and thought NAH!




 L.E. trying to stay awake to look after her winnings from the Royal


L.E. went from that very scruffy start to win BABY IN SHOW at Redcliffe.  And never looked back.  She has won everything that can be won in Royals, Specialty shows, Open, Champion shows.  L.E. has won in Brisbane, Sydney, Wondai and anywhere in between up the north coast and inland.


But more importantly, our son Sam and her have shared a wonderful journey of growing up together.  L.E. has enriched our lives and we thank our very good friend Chris Morecroft for allowing us to have L.E.  Incidently L.E. still turns herself inside out (at age 7) when she sees Chris.


          L.E. waiting impatiently for her cuppa




L.E. and Sam have been a pretty unbeatable pair  in the breed ring.  They have also won so many Junior Handler competitions we lost count a long, long time ago.  They have taken out major wins at the Royals. 


These days other kids come over and still use L.E. in Junior Handlers.  She loves kids.  She loves her family.  L.E. loves her life.




Incidently if you cannot find my 16 1/2 year old son at a dog show, look inside the dog trailer.  Chances are you will find L.E. and Sam curled up together asleep!!!







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