Over the Rainbow Bridge




30/01/2004 - 14/01/2013


You brought into my life such amazing joy

And all of our friends called you a mummy's boy

But your life was full and you laughed at them all

And you showed them you were tough while fetching your ball



You asked nothing in return you just loved being you

Your loved your family your home and a lady or two

You lit up a room with that smile on your face

Its a special look that nothing will ever replace



Your life was too short and we grieve for you still

We struggle each day its like crawing uphill

Nothing can describe the feeling of total defeat

When I glance down to the emptiness now at my feet



Life does go on they tell me and I guess it is true

But I will never forget you my beautiful big blue

We will all meet again when the last day for me ends

OMG I hope you and Diesel can finally be friends!



Love you Reckie & miss you like hell

Glenys   xxxxx




 R.I.P.  our special boy. 











May 1998 - June 2011

There’s a corner somewhere and He’s waiting for me
His eyes search each passing face to see
If I’ve come and his wait is at last at an end
Alone he lowers his head as he waits at the bend
The climb to that corner is rocky and steep
It’s long and it’s lonely but on it we keep
It’s a journey we all make; it is part of our fate
I continue to climb to where He lays by that gate 
There is a corner somewhere where He’s waiting for me
With patience  he sits but his eyes still can’t see
His owner who’s coming to make him run free
His head drops to his paws while he's waiting for me
As I walk that weary last road to the top
I look back, straighten up and come to a stop
For my last look at the beauty that lays softly below
I turn; He is there to His side I must go
I am now at the corner where he's been waiting for me
His head lifts from his paws, his tail wags slowly He can see
I have come  to be with him his wait is complete
And He moves to my side to be at last by my feet
That moment we wait for not all understand
But some people and dogs need to stay close at hand
I touch his head, his eyes shine with trust and with love 
As my tears fall to his fur we go to heaven above
For Diesel with love Glenys until we meet again   
Over the years we have been blessed with many wonderful dogs. 
They have enriched our lives and created many happy memories for us.
Each one takes a piece of your heart when they leave.
Diesel has taken a huge helping with him........



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