Rex was born January 2004

He  was special to me from the moment he was born.  I had taken his mum to the vet saying I felt something was wrong when she was due to whelp.  The vet humoured me and said I was imagining things.  I asked her to scan the mum and not to waste any time but she gave Dynah (Rex's mum) a shot of oxytocin to bring on the labour.  A second shot was given with me whining in the background.  The vet decided that I was right and raced her in for a caesarean.  There were no vet nurses on duty so the vet decided I would help.  Now I love my dogs but this was something I had vets for!  Ignoring all my arguments about fainting, she gowned me up frowning saying we needed to start and began the anaesthetic.  With thudding heart I saw her cut Dynah and then the most amazing thing happened - two little lumps like sausages appeared and before I knew it there were the two babies.  Rex and his sister Macey.  It turned out to be an amazing experience.  After examining the puppies, she put them onto Dynah and they started sucking immediately.  Dynah was bleary eyed and very drowsy.  The vet was stroking the pups heads after all the excitement was over  and said she has never got over the magic of puppies being born.     I too find it amazing.


When rex was brought home he never moved much as Dynah would come running if he so much as grunted.  He had no cause to move until one day I put him outside without his mum and begrudgingly he wobbled around the grass.  From that point on Rex decided outside was fun.  He was very flamboyant as a baby.  Into mischief in a very bravado manner.  He was the one dog I actually trained for the ring due to his incredible energy and sense of humour.  Rex and I won a few baby in Groups and Shows but his real winning started when he was about 18 months old.  Since then he has clocked up an amazing number of wins.



Apart from his performance in the ring, he has an assortment of 'tricks' he performs.  I used to do PR work with Diesel with my friend Niki Baker who owned and trained Diesel's son Pablo.  The dogs used to be 'shot' and pretend to be dead, they would then crawl to us, supposedly injured.  Rex self taught himself by watching me train Diesel.  I was out at my mum's one day and I decided I would try to train Rex.  When I went 'bang' he did a dramatic shoulder dive and lay on his back with his legs in the air.  On the command 'crawl' he crawled from one side of the yard to the other.  Very smart dog, my Rex.


He has also played outfield in cricket games with Mark and my son Sam.  He has never missed a ball yet.  The games become shortlived with the very soggy ball however as the spit would fly when the ball was hit by the bat after a while. 


Rex bounds around the acreage stealing all the puppies toys.  Often when he goes to bed we hear a soft squeaking coming from Rex's bed where he has 'found' himself a soft squeaky toy to go to bed with.


He loves going anywhere with the family.  Loves going in airconditioned cars or on the back of the ute.  Even loves the dog trailer.  He has been flown up and down the east coast of Australia with either Mark or me to enter breed shows and has been a model traveller. 


He loves swimming.  We have a dam so he swims in there or if he sees the beach he is first in the water.  We were on the beach rugged up in jumpers and jackets in Tasmania and Rex went swimming in the Derwent river and the ocean. 


He often goes away on weekends with Mark showing.  Amazing how empty the yards are without him.  He is a presence you cannot ignore.


What can I say about our dog except well done Rex on achieving your Supreme championship title. 


Now at last we can move onto 'stuff' we have been hanging out to do.  When you are close to a grand or a supreme title you are not supposed to put your dog in harm's way by doing stuff like agility in case they break something which would stop them achieving these titles.  Imagine my horror when Rex and his son had a blue about a month ago over one of the girls on heat.  I didn't know I could move so fast and jumped in between them.  Looking back it was a pretty stupid thing to do.  Lucky my dogs have manners and respect me.  They both jumped back long enough for me to get Rex out of the kennel area.  I went over him with a fine tooth comb expecting a busted tooth, broken ear anything that would finish his career before he could gain that supreme title.  Lady luck smiled on us.  No marks, just a lot of noise between father and son. 


Next year Rex is heading off for obedience.  Should be a humbling experience for me with my big bluey.  He is very headstrong but very clever.   I started teaching him to sit a few months ago and he promptly showed Mark how clever he was in the breed ring.  Mark ran him out and instead of standing Rex promptly sat obediently, looking very pleased with himself.  Needless to say Mark was not so excited about his automatic sitting- oops!


We have had a ball with Rex in the breedring.  Let's hope he manages to enjoy the obedience ring as much.....  A new chapter in his life is beginning.


RIP REX - Please view the link below.



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